Civils Long Term Coaching

Indian administrative service holds a unique appeal to the young graduates, when it come to choosing a career. With its varied channel of service to the nation it offers immense scope to the young indian to shoulder a responsibility in the task of nation building. Our aim is to make andhra Pradesh synonyms to IAS/IPS other central service in india

Our Process 

It includes prelims,mains .C.SAT and prelims &mains test series.

Current affair classes and daily news paper reading Includes comprehensive, Relevant and updated study material.

Includes monthly current affair revision

Includes Workshops , personality development programmes

Interview guidance programme

   Step-up Approach

This course has been purposely designed to help students prepare through a step-up approach. It is also a meticulously designed Study Plan to organize preparation and keep one on track towards covering the syllabus extensively from NCERT to ADVANCE level. Our test series will guide students to exhaustively cover the concepts and knowledge nuggets required by the UPSC syllabus from all important sources – NCERTs (old and new) + Key Reference books. Then, we will lead students to narrow their focus and revise all the important concepts and information across the syllabus along with related recent developments.

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UPSC does not just ask questions from the current issues, rather it uses them as the context to explore the core areas of GS. Then it tests the conceptual understanding of the candidates from the same areas. Based on the same philosophy, we have developed our approach and designed our Test Series to help the candidates cover all the issues highly probable for the exam.

 When I had started preparing for the Civil Services Examination, I understood that it required the right strategy to successfully clear the exam. A blind uncalculated effort can’t give you proportionate results. I first studied the entire syllabus which I believe is very well defined rather than what most of the aspirants perceive.

Aditya Kesanupalli

Civil Services Aspirant

The optional subject that you choose must be something you have a good command over. My subject was Physics because that was my area of interest and something that I excelled in. I would say that continuous practice is a must when it comes to prelims preparation.

Rohit Kumar

Civil Services Aspirant

The aspirants should first understand the examination process and scoring patterns. “First-time aspirants should look at the syllabus and question paper, understand what the exam wants, scoring patterns and then start preparing”.

Ashwani kaintura

Civil Services Aspirant

Let’s Learn Together!

Needless to say, the broad smile on the faces of our students at having cleared the Civil Services Exams is the best fee for all our labour.