Dear Students,

Welcome to our Academy

The team of  Kausalya  ias academy  congratulate  you  all for  selecting  our  academy to pursue  civil services as a career. You deserve kudos because civil services does not merely  offer you just  another  lucrative  job  for  earning   livelihood; it provides a great opportunity to realize your  potentials,  enjoy your  assignments, have the  satisfaction  of serving the country, and   eventually lead India.

It is well-known that the   Civil Services Examination, through its various stages, tests a candidate’s suitability to the top-rank positions of  Indian  bureaucracy. A  candidate is thus tested for his  administrative traits - mental alertness, critical powers of   assimilation, clear and  logical  exposition,  balance of judgment, variety  and  depth  of  interest,  ability  for  social cohesion and leadership, intellectual and moral integrity and also for his social traits.

The government in a democracy like India is predominantly run  by the high  calibered  bureaucrats who  belong  to various civil services like IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, IRTS among others and  occupy   senior-most  positions   as   Secretaries,Director- Generals ,Commissioners, Heads of the Departments , PSUs,  Corporations,  Committees and  Commissions   of States  and  the Central Government. But from the past decades the role of a civil servant has  undergone a vast  change  and  the  challenges  before   him increased  manifold.Under the present system,  a typical District Collector/ Magistrate is no more  an  all-powerful  controller  and regulator, but a benevolent facilitator and promoter of public interests and welfare. While  traditionally the  inherent    prerequisite for a civil servant was sincerity, honesty,  dedication,  intelligence  and law-abiding  individual. Whereas apart from the above  the new civil servant has to be brighter, pro-active, pro-change, more dynamic and techno-savvy than his predecessors.

The need for quality education has never been  so  acute  than it is   today.  Understanding this need of the  time,we are promoting quality education through various    endeavors .We are striving to  impart  education  that  not   only  sharpens  the intellectual traits  of the  student but  also  inculcates  ethical  and  aesthetic  values , thus  molding  a  multifaceted personality that is ready  to shoulder responsibilities towards the family, the society and the Nation.

Finally, I would like to remind you of your  duty as a responsible citizen of  this Great  Nation that you ought to  enter the  civil  services  with   sincere  and  sacred  intention  of serving  the  people  of India without  any  bias  or  favour . You are  not entering civil services to merely earn a  living;  you also will have to wipe the tears of the suffering millions ,  to heal their  wounds and help them lead a better life. Our guidance  programme  aims at inculcating  and developing to right   training on your  subject matter.

I again welcome you to  Kausalya IAS Academy , where your commitment  and  devotion will  be  integrated with our experience in guiding and navigating you to your goal successfully.

  Chairman                                                                  Managing Director

  Harinadh Babu.Bommu M.Com                              kanyakumari.Bommu MA

 kausalya IAS academy.                                             kausalya IAS academy.